1. Understand the charges against you or a family member. A good defense attorney can explain the charges in a simple way. They will challenge ACS findings and demand a full investigation.
  2. Once ACS or social services chooses to investigate a claim of child abuse or neglect, they will contact the parent or guardian by phone. Do not communicate with ACS without legal representation. Remember, it’s their job to build a case against you. Get legal advice to protect your rights.
  3. ACS will visit your home within 24-48 hours of receiving a report of child abuse or neglect. It’s your right to request an attorney. Don’t make the common mistake of allowing ACS into your home without an attorney.
  4.  Keep your cool. Your goal is for ACS to see you as a responsible parent and in control of your emotions. An attorney can help put you at ease and advise you on what to say to the ACS worker.
  5. Don’t allow ACS to record your conversations or interviews. A good defense attorney will give you advice every step of the way. If needed, you’ll be represented in family court and your lawyer will present your case to the judge.

    The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin will contact the ACS worker and advise them that we represent you. We can meet with the ACS worker and conduct an interview on your behalf. You’re not alone. Contact Us today.