Cheddi B. Jagan II, Esq

Cheddi B. Jagan II, Esq
Mr. Cheddi Jagan is admitted to practice law before the courts of the state of New York since April 2015. He is the eldest grandchild of the former presidents of Guyana, Cheddi and Janet Jagan. Mr. Jagan focuses on the areas of family law, immigration law, real estate law and estate planning. He moved to Guyana in 2010 where he worked at the Office of the President within the Governance Unit as a Legal Consultant until 2013. Mr. Jagan has also served as a Business and Compliance Analyst for Axiom Global Inc., and with the Enterprise Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Operations and Financial Intelligence Unit at American Express in New York.

  • Attended Brooklyn College (CUNY) in Brooklyn, New York, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy of Law.
  • Attended Florida International University College of Law in Miami, Florida, earning his Juris Doctor degree.
  • Graduated in the Top 10 of his class and earned several Dean’s List awards.
  • Studied international and comparative law through Georgia State University College of Law in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the summer of 2009 and through Washburn University School of Law in Barbados in the summer of 2010.