Family law cases can go on for a long time but when are the results determined? You might think that results are determined at the end of the case when the judge issues the order but nothing is more important than what you do at the beginning.

I’ve had plenty of people walk into my office wanting to change their attorney in the middle of a case because they didn’t like the way it was going. Why was it not going as they wanted? Because they did not have a good game plan at the beginning. Once you’re in the midst of a family law case, it’s very difficult to change course.

A Good Game Plan is Key

Custody Case Example: In the beginning, you need to know what your goals are. If your children are living with you, then, of course, your goal—the most important thing—is going to be to make sure that your children remain living with you. The next question is what kind of parenting time you want the other parent to have. When you know those things, then we can discuss how to make them happen. If your children are not living with you, what’s your goal? Do you want your children to live with you or do you simply want as much parenting time as possible? No matter what your goals are, if we talk, we can come up with a strategy to achieve your goals.

Divorce Financial Issues Example: In this scenario, finances are going to be very important in the beginning. We need to set the stage to get you good results. If you’re going through a contested divorce, then you’re going to have to fill out a statement of net worth. That statement of net worth is going to be critically important. You’re going to want an attorney who can make sure that your statement of net worth leaves you with as little exposure as possible. That doesn’t mean fudging the facts. It means knowing your financial condition so they cannot attack your credibility. If you have a child support case in Family Court, then you’re going to need to fill out an income and expenses statement. This document is going to be important to your financial future. You’re going to need an attorney that can help you come up with a strategy to make sure that it is foolproof.

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