Custody and Visitation

Attorney Joseph H. Nivin Esq. is a child custody and visitation lawyer who knows how much family matters. Mr. Nivin defends the rights of parents, grandparents and legal guardians.

Mr. Nivin can help all parties come to an agreement, prepare you to see a Judge or modify a previous custody and visitation arrangement. An experienced attorney makes a big difference when trying to do what’s best for your child or children.

Here’s what a judge will consider:

  • The parental guidance the custodial parent provides for the child.
  • The ability of each parent to provide for the child’s emotional and intellectual development.
  • The financial status and ability of each parent to provide for the child.
  • The overall relative fitness of the parties and the length of time the custody arrangement has been in effect.
  • One parents’ use of “self-help” in removing the child from the other parent’s custody. For more info call The Law Offices of Joseph H. Nivin, P.C. to find out what an experienced child custody and visitation lawyer can do to help or Contact Us.

Custody and Visitation Lawyer